Friday, March 21, 2008

60-60; End of Regulation (UConn/SDU)

  • I'm guessing another quick foul from UConn. First look is obviously steal, but I wouldn't trust San Diego on the line right now. Here we go.
  • UConn doubles the ball and traps. San Diego - in kind - uses a timeout. What else can you do what Thabeet is in your face?
  • Strange, strange play: With an inbound right in front of the Huskies' bench, a block is called on Jerome Dyson as Ginty was attempting to cut. Odd, but at the same time, no time off the clock for Uconn.
  • Ginty hits the first, and again misses the second. Here comes UConn.
  • Again, without hesitation, the Huskies fly down the court and go right to the hoop. San Diego is charged with a shooting foul, so Jerome Dyson can tie this game up with a pair from the charity strip.
  • The mood is tense. It all comes down to this. Dyson: Shot one - Good. Shot two - GOOD! UConn has tied it up! Tampa may be getting its second overtime game of the day.
  • Two attempts by San Diego are no-go's and Thabeet holds the ball to end regulation.

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