Friday, March 21, 2008

67-66 UConn; :38.0 in OT

  • Strange tidbit for our viewers: the only two games glog'd today on Mirror Sports Blog were both in Tampa. Both were overtime games. Both had funny mascots (Hilltopers for WKU). Both involved WCC teams. Weird, wild stuff.
  • Thabeet wins the tip, but UConn cannot capitalize.
  • On the other end, San Diego misses a pair thanks to the insanely large arms of Hasheem Thabeet - awkward shots for Brandon Johnson and Rob Jones. They grab the offensive board, though.
  • The Thabeet Factor works against UConn this time, as he is charged for goaltending. 62-60 San Diego.
  • Pomare Thabeet's Craig Austrie, and the Toreros have the ball up tow.
  • Pomare's three hits every which way of the rim and finally goes in. Nice screen roll play for San Diego. 64-60 San Diego.
  • Thabeet answers with inside penetration - and the foul! 64-62 San Diego.
  • Very important basket for UConn not only to answer San Diego's hot start, but that foul means that Gyno Pomare has now fouled out of the game. Big impact on San Diego's offense.
  • Thabeet adds the "and one" free throw. 64-63 San Diego.
  • If you haven't tried Gatorade's new 'Tiger' drink, do yourself a favor and go to your local grocer/convenience store now.
  • Brandon Johnson hits an important shot for the Toreros. Then again, every shot from here on in is big. 66-63 San Diego.
  • Jeff Adrien gets inside and lays it in. 18 for him. 66-65 San Diego.
  • Traveling violation called on Jackson, and now the Huskies have a shot to take the lead.
  • Back door cut from Dyson - and an equally as sweet look from Jeff Adrien - goes in. Just like that, it's UConn in the lead. 67-66 UConn.

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