Friday, March 21, 2008

59-58 San Diego; :20.0 in the 2nd

  • I wonder what life is like in West Hartford right now...
  • In all seriousness, this tournament has had more than it's fair share of either: low, mid-major seeds doing well, or favored mid majors struggling to at-large big teams. Very odd.
  • Quick foul from UConn, and we'll do it again.
  • After two (two!) near steals on a cross court pass that just missed Stanley Robinson, the Huskies foul. They'll need to do it one more time. The shot clock is off.
  • This Kettle corn popcorn tastes so good right now.
  • Finally, this foul (on Wiggins) sends the Toreros to the line. It'll be Devin Ginty with a one-and-one.
  • The first is good, and the second: A miss! UConn is alive with :28 to go.
  • Cross court, no hesitation offense from the Huskies end in an easy lay-in. Score two for Jeff Adrien. This one is far from over. Nicely done by UConn, a pure veteran move.
  • Timeout on the floor as both teams regroup. Hold on to your butts.

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