Sunday, October 18, 2009

New Blog Site

With the redesign of our Web site, we have also created a new blog. This site will now serve simply as an archive of our previous postings. With basketball season starting, we will be kicking off our coverage soon.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Yes, It's Ladies Night

Oh, what a night.

'70's funk songs aside
, Chris Simmons and I will be getting back into that Fairfield Mirror groove with a double-dose of live coverage from campus. While our resident Managing Editor will cover Women's Soccer's matchup with Bryant College (the other BC), I'll be live from Alumni Hall blogging about Volleyball's return home and September showdown against Jesuit rival Fordham.

Given the team's rough stretch this weekend in Ann Arbor at the Pepsi Classic, I'm sure that head coach Alija Pittenger and the Stags are looking forward to seeing the Red Sea.

In other news, the other fall sport on campus has a game tonight against that other BC from up north... Tom Cleary will have sporadic updates from the Mirror office.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Rohrssen shows his stars and stripes

We're a little past the Fourth of July, but the New York Daily News decided to continue the patriotic feel of the summer months and run a feature on Manhattan head coach Barry Rohrssen, who recently returned from a nine-day stint in Iraq and Afghanistan with other Division-I coaches. The program, "Operation Hoop Talk", is one of many United Service Operations (USO) goodwill programs.

Among the others that attend: American's (another Fairfield opponent) Jeff Jones and South Carolina's David Odom.

Rohrssen always stuck me as an aloof, ominous-looking coach that lacked the charisma of Ed Cooley or the excitement of Jimmy Patsos. Tom Cleary and I used to always kid about his bizarre three-piece suits he would wear courtside during Jaspers games. Then again, maybe that's just his personality.

After reading the article, I can honestly say my opinion's changed. Good for Barry, and great publicity for Manhattan's program.

Enough of the summer siesta

It's been nearly three months since our last blog post. Three.

So, for the sake of sanity and to avoid any further laziness, I believe it's time to revive the engine and attempt a mid-summer comeback.

We'll keep it as general as possible for the summer months and try to get a nice variety of topics. Tom and I will mostly chime in on men's basketball and the goings on around campus as the fall sports begin to prepare for the upcoming season. As always, though, men's basketball will be the focal point in a season that is typically slow for news stories.

And, remember: feel free to chime in with suggestions.