Sunday, January 28, 2007

66-53 Stags; 2:12 to go

  • A crazy play: On a three-on-one break, Jon Han saves the ball from going out of bounds. Han's no look save on a fast break to Anthony Johnson was pretty; Peanut' miss on the emphatic dunk was not. At least they're up big. That was almost the play of the year. Almost.
  • On the one-and-one attempt, Han makes the first, and also converts the second. The Stags are doing a fine job from the free throw line this afternoon, a big reason for their lead at this point. 66-53 Stags
  • Sensing that the end may be near, Niagra comes out of the timeout with a full-court press. Lewis is called for a foul on the floor with 3:03 to go. That's the team's eighth foul.
- Keith Connors

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