Sunday, January 28, 2007

Party of Five: Niagara falls to Stags, 68-56

  • Stags win 68-56.
  • Han dribbles out the ball as the game ends.
  • The bench is loving it. The crowd is loving it.
  • Despite the comfy lead, Van Schaick still dives out of bound on a missed pass. Great effort from a great leader.
  • Shake grabs the board after a Rydell Brooks miss. Fairfield is in cruise control.
  • Marty misses the one-and-one.
  • The Eagles are not fouling. Sensing the win, the crowd is beginning to rumble at Harbor Yard. Not only will this be their fifth in a row, but it will be one of their bigger wins all year against a tough MAAC opponent. And they did so it emphatically.
  • Niagara won't go down easy; Cliff Brown covert a three to make it 68-56 FU.
  • Han drives on a pick and goes the distance. Stags are up 68-53.
- Keith Connors

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