Tuesday, January 23, 2007

22-21 Stags, 3:53 in the 1st Half

  • Great no-look by Han went to Peanut down-low who missed the shot but drew the foul. He'll head to the line and shoot two.
  • Shot clock was off. Luckily we've got my boy Joey DeMayo all over it.
  • A.J. fouls Devon Clarke on a drive. Johnson didn't move his feet too well and hit his arm.. not the basketball. Clarke hit both shots to make it a one-point game at 22-21.
  • Han misses a three, but the Stags retain on another Iona turnover. Han drives the lane and misses a pull-up jumper.
  • Bruin makes Nero look bad on a baseline drive and dunk. They're gonna need to doulbe him now that he's getting int rhythm. 22-20 Stags
  • Shake is back... and so is a more comfortable lead. VS lay in makes it 22-18 Stags.
  • Devin Johnson turns it over on the offensive side. The Stags have gone for quite some time without developing a play. They have only four shots attempts since the 15 minute mark.
  • Quick turnover by FU leads to a near fastbreak score, but the ball went loose. Iona retains, and on the following pass an inside look leads to a dunk by Big Bad Bruin. Uh oh... 20-18 Stags.
  • Devon Clarke drives on Peanut Johnson - who was weary of a foul. 20-16 Stags.
  • Quick Dance Team timeout - and it's 20-14 Stags, 7:45 in 1st Half
  • Bruin drives the lane, despite what came close to an offensive foul thanks to good defense by Marty O'Sullivan. He gaffs the extra point - something we've seen before.
  • Stags are giving hints at going for full court pressure - they smell blood.
  • Great look from Marty to Shake on an off-ball screen that leads to a lay-up. Great play call. 20-12 Stags.
  • Coach Cooley's imploring the team to "spring to their spots" - sensing a bit of lazyness on the defensive side of the ball. The fact that this game is close after all of these Gael turnovers is scary. The good news is they look great on offense.
  • Iona's carelessness continues with another loose ball turnover that nailed my foot. If I had been a 2 guard that would've been three.
  • Mamadou grabs yet another o-reb and puts it in for a shot, much to the delight to his fan club.. ehhh the Red Sea. No wonder they love this guy. He adds the free throw on the "and one". Stags 18-12.
  • Travelling by Rodriguez - that's 8 turnovers already for Iona. Ouch
- Keith

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