Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Rob Sisca and Brandon Davis leaving men's basketball program

According to a press release sent out by sports information today, junior redshirt forward Rob Sisca and freshman forward Brandon Davis are both leaving the men's basketball program. Neither player has been with the team for the past few games.
Sisca plans to remain at the University to continue his goal of graduating with a degree in communications, while Davis, who has missed the entire season recovering for a knee injury is hoping to transfer to a school closer to his home in South Carolina.
“I appreciate the time and effort that Rob and Brandon put forth during their time with our program,” head coach Ed Cooley said. “As a coach, I always want what is best for my student athletes. If Rob and Brandon feel this is what is right for them, than I fully support them in their decision. I know that both young men will be successful in whatever they choose in the future.”

Both players were expected to contribute this season and it is disappointing to see them leave before their careers really start. According to Cooley earlier this season, Davis has chronic knee problems which have really been a problem for him in practice. He still has a great future if he can get healthy and it will be interesting to see where he will land.

-Tom Cleary

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