Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Obama and Brigeport Scrimmage

Connection? None. But both have a lot to do with some of the new things that 'The Mirror' is unveiling this season. During last night's election, 'The Mirror' had wall-to-wall coverage of the election results, including a live streaming video live from our office. We even had a few guests and special callers (thanks again, Ben Doody).

To transition, we'll be moving a similar approach to basketball this season - beginning with tomorrow night's double-header scrimmage against Bridgeport.

As of now, the plan is to do a '' video shot in between the two games, and - as always - use 'Cover it Live' to provide up-to-the-minute blog coverage of the two games. This could be especially sweet to break out at away games.

Any other ideas for the upcoming year? Also, be on the lookout for our Section B preview in next week's edition of 'The Mirror'

More to come.

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