Thursday, November 6, 2008

Extreme Makeover: Harbor Yard Edition

Fall got you down? Anxiously counting the days until Fairfield tips off against Memphis in two weeks? Fear not - you'll get a little preview of the season tomorrow night... in more ways than one.

According to several people in Fairfield Athletics, a revamped courtside layout will debut for tomorrow scrimmage against Bridgeport. Athletic director Gene Doris and associate A.D./marketing strategist Roy Brown have toyed with the idea of refurbishing the courtside area in an attempt to make it more interactive and fan friendly for the students. More of a collegiate atmosphere, if you will.

We're not sure whether or not these changes (which are believed to include moving the court closer to the seats or moving student seating back to the floor) will be tested tomorrow night in the scrimmage against Bridgeport, but it sure makes sense to give it a test run.

Here's hoping the Red Sea is there this season to take advantage.

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