Saturday, April 12, 2008

Halftime fro2m Lessing: Yale leads, 7-4

  • A late shot from the Stags go wide. Just as the half

  • Junior attackman James Ryan buries a pretty feed from X in a little two-man game. Big goal right before halftime - so I'm told. 12 seconds remaining before the buzzer, and the Stags can't be pleased with the tempo heading into the break.

  • Another offensive turnover hands the ball right back to Yale.

  • Lattimore drives and misses the net wide left. Dan Boudreau dives for the back-up and the Stags retain.

  • Lattimore, Kuring, and Boudreau are the midfield line as the Stags take the field. Let's see what Spencer drew up.

  • Two long poles clear the ball on the far side. Just as a young middie was about to force a shot, Ted Spencer takes a timeout to talk things over and draw up a play. 1:32 to go until the half.

  • Another turnover for Fairfield, and the penalty is over sans a shot on goal. If that's not the sign of a struggling team I don't know what is.

  • Yale is the victim of an offsides penalty. EMO offense is on for Fairfield.

  • Atwell waits behind Marra in a rather interesting approach to attack defense, but Fairfield gets the job done. Fairfield clears thanks to a nice decision by Marra to take the ball up field himself.

  • Baxter steps in the crease and the ball goes to Yale.

  • Shannon Sturz misses two shots in a row on nice posssions; seem as if the offense is in sync finally. But the Stags maintain possession again.

  • A centering pass for Chris Ajemian misses, but Kevin Peters is right there and just misses a side-arm shot. Oh, so close. Stags' retain.

  • Fuchs slips on his first dodge, but Yale retains possession. (Washabah?) scores on a dummy dodge/slide feed and Yale is back up two just like that. 6-4 Yale with 6:20 to go.

  • Stags get called for a failure to advance at midfield. One good turn(over) deserves another.

  • One-goal lead for Yale with 7:56. DeBuff takes out Simeti on the face, but the Bulldogs throw it away for a turnover.

  • So much for the tie. An illegal procedure on Rob Simeti leads to a "textbook fastbrak offense" from Yale and a goal from Brandon Gibson. 5-4 Yale.

  • Tale of two defenseman: Yale defenseman Coleman gets greedy and foces an awkward shot. Matt Scanlon gets the same opportunity econd later, but shares the wealth and finds Dan Boudreau, who finds Travis Nelson for a Fairfield goal. Stags tie it up, 4-4, with 8:00 to play.

  • Boudreau falls on a dodge, but the referee calls a push with possession. Stags retain, but the Bulldogs have fought off the penalty.

  • Wide shot from midfielder Baxter, but he makes amends by preventing a turnover in transition. Wide shot moments later from Devilbiss. So close.

  • Successful, man-up clear from Atwell to Boudreau. Let's see if the offense can get rolling.

  • Yale gets called for a push while riding on Matt Scanlon. Stags get to go man-up and a legimiate chance to tie this game.

  • Max Trunz and Doug Kuring play a two-man game at X (behind the cage, for those of you not a lacrosse buff or former player. Unfortunately, Trunz pass off of a dodge leads to a bad pass. Stags' turnover.

  • 4-3 Yale with 12:20 to play. All of sudden, plenty of momentum and some crowd noise in favor of the Red Sea.

  • Two in a row for Fairfield, as junior midfielder Chris Ajemian buries a pass on the crease. A nice, low bounce shot from Chris, and the Yale goalkeeper never had a chance. Good screen and even better ball movement.

  • Rob Simeti win the face, and the Stags fight off the one second remaining on the penalty. Nicely done, boys.

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