Saturday, April 12, 2008

4-2 Yale; End of First Quarter

  • No shot from Boudreau as the horn sounds. End of one.
  • Fastbreak caused by an ou of the box call, and Fairfield scores! 4-2 Stags. Nice finish by Grant Devilbiss from Sean Bannon. The youth finally shines.
  • Yale cutters whifs on a pass - they're on man up offense. Deja vu moments later as the crease midfielder misses a one-timer.
  • Brisk, cool night here at Lessing Field. One of the nicest days all year.
  • Atwell does not get a midfielder to stay back for him - do'h. Just when things look promising. The ball is back to the blueshirts.
  • Nice poke and a kick from Chris Atwell creates a turnover. of this team. Atwell is the heart and soulStags ball.
  • Yale goalkeeper Karaveetes comes out of the net and hits Kuring - causing a turnover. "Fiesty goaltender from Yale," says a random man in a suit. Bizarre.
  • Yale wards and the Stags take possession. A small break here would be nice.
  • Yale using a traditional, spread offense with a midfielder on the crease. Seems like the defense is very spread and the opposition very quick: a bad combination.

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