Saturday, April 12, 2008

11-8 Yale; 5:46 in the 4th

  • Matt Scanlon helps out on the faceoff and settles the ball in the offensive end. Spencer burns a timeout to talk things over and sub in the offense.
  • Baxter takes over on a dodge from X, and he buries it on a bounce shot. Two in a row for Baxter and for the Stags. Has the tide turned? 11-8 Yale with 6:10 to go in regulation.
  • Boudreau bounce shot on a sweep is saved. Yale moves the all up field, but fails to advance.
  • Todd Baxter finishes a fastbreak. Chris Ajemian found him and gets credit for the assist. Fantastic job by Travis Nelson to start the ground ball, and an equally as impressive effort from Baxter to stay out of the crease. 11-7 Yale with 8:00 to play.
  • Devilbiss takes a shot, but it knocks off Yale defenseman Rob Grimm's leg. More shaky shots from Fairfield.
  • Peters draws a penalty on Hamilton due to a few nice moves. The refs call it a push with possession. Grant Devilbiss' shot is wide and the refs call the penalty.
  • In other news, A-Rod strikes out after a two-hour rain delay. Not too easy to sit in a clubhouse for two hours than have to deal with Jonathan Papelbon's heat.
  • A side-arm Fairfield shot is blcoked. Not a good luook by any means. On the other end, Brandon Gibson pushes the ball quickly then tips the loose ball into the net after an initial save from Marra. That's Gibson's third goal of the day to go along with four assists. Not too shabby. 11-6 Yale.
  • Sturz sweeps left and takes a "terrible shot", as Dan Stanczyk put it, that sails wide over the net. Fairfield retains.
  • Simeti controls the face, then takes a shot after a few passes. Nice start offensively from Fairfield. 'Signs of life'?

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