Saturday, April 12, 2008

10-6 Yale; End of 3rd Quarter

  • END OF 3rd QUARTER: Yale 10, Fairfield 6
  • Push from behind keeps the ball in favor of Yale with a few seconds remaining in the half.
  • A furious sequence of groundballs on the Yale side of the field leads to a pass out of bounds off of the Stags. Yale gets the final posssesion with 1:03 to go.
  • A lengthy clear finally goes in favor of the Stags, and Baxter carries behind the net hoping to spur the offense.
  • Gary Raniolo is hit hard and hobbles off of the field. Easily one of Fairfield's best midfielder defenders. It seems as if literally nothing is going right for Fairfield this season.
  • Jonathan Coney of Yale takes a deep shot from the top of the box. Marra makes a textbook save and Fairfield clear.
  • Yale clears the ball (again) and holds the ball in the offensive end to kill the penalty.
  • Three straight shots, including one from behind the back by Ajemian all miss the net. Yale backs the ball and grabs possession with twenty-two seconds remaining in the penalty
  • Baxter shot on the Fairfield end goes wide. Nice possession from Fairfield as the Stags now go into a man-up offense. Yale was tabbed with a slash call.
  • Brandon Arnold finishes a Gibson pass with a top shelf shot on Marra. There goes the momentum for Fairfield. 10-6 Yale with 5:34 to go.
  • Washabah is taken down by Scanlon, but Washabah maintains his poise, battles for a groundball, and then creates a fastbreak for the Bulldogs.
  • Freshman Grant Devilbiss is the recipient of a timely fastbreak set up by aggressive play from Fairfield at midfield on the fastbreak. Credit Gibson with the assist. 9-6 Yale with 7:01 to go in the third.
  • The Red Sea get a few chants in during the timeout in an attempt to rally the troops. Then again, that may be the loud Yale fans in attendance.

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