Friday, March 21, 2008

WKU Shocker! 101-99 at the buzzer

  • Deep inbound with :21 to go. Here goes nothing.
  • Tip after tip after tip after tip! Oh, my! And Drake somehow grabs an offensive board and draws a foul after they attack the rim right away. Unreal.
  • Looks like someone will go to the line for the fifth seed.
  • Jon Cox to the line for two shots. The first is GOOD. Tie game here. WKU takes a timeout to ice the shooter. Hopefully he is no Laurence Tynes.
  • Cox hits the back end of the two shots, and Drake is once again in control. Only a few ticks left here. Second goes down and is good.
  • WKU takes a timeout. I'm guessing Brazelton will be involved somehow in this.
  • WOW. WOW. WOW, again. Brazelton does a great job drawing a double, kicks it out to Ty Rogers, and then nails a deep, deep, miracle three at the buzzer!. Unreal!
  • Best finish of the tourney so far.
  • I tip my cap to WKU; Drake seemed to have that look all through O.T. So much for my UConn pick... Onto the 2 o'clock games!

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