Friday, March 21, 2008

2 o'clock Madness

Texas is rolling and will likely wipe the floor with Austin Peay (that may be a pun, but I'm not even sure). The other two games look a bit intriguing.

Butler and Southern Alabama very well may be the sequel to the fantastic 7/10 game we saw earlier in the day between Gonzaga and Davidson. S'bama has the early lead, 23-22 with 7:15 to play. Player to Watch: Butler's A.J. Graves

As for the Hoyas, they have had a little resistance early on from UMBC. This reminds me a little of a scene from one of my favorite movies, "Major League":

  • Dorn: I got you an outfielder. He used to play for the Giants!
  • Lou Brown: Jackson?
  • Dorn: Not those Giants. (Cut to scene of Japanese guy - back then it seemed funny)
  • Cleary: Wow, sick game between Maryland and Georgetown
  • Simmons: The Terps?
  • Cleary: Not that Maryland.
I'll give credit to my roomie for predicting this one would be tight and a possible trap game for the Hoyas. Hibbert really need to reassert himself on offense after a lackluster Big East tourney. As we speak, it's 21-17 GU with 7:12 to play.

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