Monday, March 3, 2008

Tie Break/Seeding Mania in the MAAC

Just after the Stags' loss yesterday, an S.I.D. from Rider was kind enough to hand the beat writers a copy of the the MAAC seedings and the tiebreaker explanations. It seemed so complicated heading into Sunday, so it's amazing how a few hours can make all the difference in the season.

Here's a quick look at the seeds:

"Based on Marist's win over Loyola:

1. Siena 13-5
2. Rider 13-5
3. Niagara 12-6
4. Loyola 12-6
5. Fairfield 11-7
6. Marist 11-7
7. Iona 8-10
8. Manhattan 5-13
9. St. Peter's 3-15.
10. Canisius 2-16

  • Breaking the tie for first: Siena and Rider split head-to-head; Siena and Rider both went 2-2 vs. Niagara/Loyola; Siena went 3-1 vs. Fairfield/Marist, Rider went 2-2.
  • Breaking the tie for third: Niagara swept Loyola head-to-head
  • Breaking the tie for fifth: Fairfield and Marist split head-to-head; Fairfied (again, in a "mini-conference) went 2-2 vs. Siena/Rider. Marist went 1-3."

And there you have it. It's unreal that the conference was so tight this season that it came down to comparing records against the fifth and sixth seeds to finally settle this thing. It speaks to the level of parity and competitiveness in the MAAC.

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