Monday, March 3, 2008

(Another) Quote of the Day: Part Tres

"Everybody talked about Fairfield being the hottest team in the MAAC. But after today's win, we've won 13 of 16 games here. We're the only team going into the tournament who has beaten everybody in this league. And that gives us a good sense of confidence that there's nobody next weekend we'll play that we haven't already beaten. "

- Rider head coach Tommy Dempsey on the team's recent streak and the team's mindset going into the MAAC tournament.

But... any Stag fan can tell you that Tommy may need to re-check his stats; Fairfield is the only other team in the MAAC that has defeated every team in the conference. By Dempsey's logic, that bodes well for Fairfield's confidence heading into the tournament.

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