Friday, March 21, 2008

Ten Reasons NOT to root for San Diego

To ease my pain as Calhoun explodes (if I was a UConn player I would be hiding in the corner of the huddle right now), here are ten reasons why you should root for the Huskies to pull it out:

  1. The WCC obviously is overrated. Just look at Gonzaga and Saint Mary's. Why root for a conference that couldn't beat Miami and Davidson. Failures. San Diego shouldn't even be here. A much better team, Virginia Tech for example, should be.
  2. Toreros are bull handlers, and bull fighting is bad. What would PETA say? Plus what part of the bulls are they handling exactly? Hmm? HMM?
  3. A.J. Price came back from near-death. Don't judge him for stealing computers, just remember how he almost died. He can definitely come back from a knee injury. Plus, San Diego's Rob Jones' grandfather was the infamous Jim Jones. Take that how you will.
  4. Hasheem Thabeet's nickname is Doofy. Awesome.
  5. San Diego started as a women's only college and didn't have men until 1972. Somehow that means that the Toreros are basically a bunch of girls.
  6. Bill Grier is a traitor. How could you leave Gonzaga and stay in the same conference? I understand taking a better job, but at least get outside the conference where the coach that made you still rules.
  7. UConn has a better history.
  8. Calhoun is a genius.
  9. When in Rome.
  10. There are no Cinderellas.
Let's go Huskies.
-Tom Cleary

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