Friday, March 21, 2008

San Diego Stuns Storrs

  • UConn breaks timeout, and now a young, up-and-coming team is in desperate need of a miracle moment.
  • A deep inbound for the Huskies never gets there, as De'Jon Jackson tips it and the clock expires. Game over, and San Diego takes it down. Yet another upset in Tampa today.
  • It's too bad that A.J. Price was not available in this game. Anyone who has watched UConn this season knows that this is a different team with him in the game, and this would have been a much different game. Still, tip your cap to San Diego.
  • San Diego versus Western Kentucky in Round Two in the West Region. Think about that..
  • Final: 70-69 San Diego Toreros.

And, now, over to Tom Cleary. Evening game preview is on the way.

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