Friday, March 21, 2008

The MAAC Watch is on

So far tonight:

  • North Carolina do exactly what's expected of them to do in a 1/16 game. They're up 27 in the second half. Hansborough has 21 points.
  • Oklahoma is shooting the ball extremely well and taking care of mid-major darling St. Joseph's. Many people had this PA team winning. 18 points for Godbold, and the Boomer Sooners hold a comfortable 51-33 lead with 13:57 to play.
  • Oregon leads Mississippi State by ten at the half, a battle of two at-large bids.
But, the real news is that the Siena Saints - the postseason MAAC champions - are doing the MAAC proud tonight. As I write this, Kenny Hasbrouck has 15 points and the Saints hold a 12-point advantage over Vanderbuilt early in the second half. Obviously, a lot can still happen - but it's exciting to see them do well. Definitely the game to watch of the 7 o'clocks.

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