Friday, March 21, 2008

93-92 Drake; 2:24 in O.T.

  • Inbound goes in favor of Drake. First place is knocked out of bounds, but Drake retains possession.
  • My laptop has no K key, and it is really starting to get on my nerves. Especially with a name like mine or a team like Drake playing.
  • Leaning lay-up for Leonard Huston. Warren Edney-like right there. Maybe I should say Edney could be Huston-like.
  • Brazelton answers. Again.
  • Josh Young drills another three. This one is getting very close to straight-up duel status here. 93-90 Drake.
  • Brazelton has his three bounce off back rim. Drake is up three with the ball.
  • Korver misses a three. I am going to guess that with a name like Korver he probably makes that more often than not.
  • Brazelton shoots (big shocker) and gets the roll. 30 points for Mr. Western Kentucky. 93-92 Drake.
  • Korver misses a a three. Brazelton misses. This game is going way too fast for me. Certainly not Fairfield playing with this quick offense.
  • Timeout Drake as they inbound did not look good from the start. Stay tuned here on CBS.

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