Friday, March 21, 2008

88-88 at End of Regulation (WKU v. Drake)

  • It just went from "wow" to "WOW!" in about three tenths of a second. Western Kentucky, left with no timeouts, draws up a play, inbound, and then gets called for an offensive foul! How?!!? I think Ed Cooley and or Jimmy Patsos would be wanted for murder if that happened.
  • Now, all of a sudden, a Drake team that was down by upwards of 15 with only 6 minutes to play has a shot to win with :21 to go. Hold onto your butts.
  • No go, as the shot does not get off for Drake as they drive the lane. A desperation heave from midcourt is way off for Brazelton.
  • Overtime? I say, yes.
  • In case you cannot tell by this live glog and my enthusiasm. I am into this game... just a little. I would love to tell you it is pure love of the game and mid-major basketball, but I would like to admit right now for the sake of my conscience that I have Drake going to the Sweet 16 (over Tom and his Huskies)

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