Sunday, February 25, 2007

49-46 Peacocks; 4:44 in the 2nd

  • Cooley calls a timeout, very displeased with his team's play of late. The peacock mascot is loving it and finally moving. Specifically, he's raising the roof.
  • Orta steals the ball on an errant pass, takes it the other way and dunks it. The crowd is going crazy here at Alumni in Jersey City 49-46 Peacocks.
  • Todd Sowell gets held by Marty and goes to the line. He hits the first to tie the game, then adds the second to take the lead. 47-46 Peacocks.
  • O'Sullivan turns it over on a forced pass to Nero on the post. Another unnecessary Fairfield turnover.
  • SHAKE ALERT: Van Schaick hits a three from the top of the arc that hits nothing but net. They need him to get going for them to pull out this win. 46-45 Stags.
  • Brock and Nero wrestle for a loose ball - finally deemed by the ref to be a jump ball. Not sure why it took so long - maybe he liked the wrestling match. Stags ball.
  • The mascot has not moved in 3 minutes. I want to call the cops.
- Keith Connors

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