Sunday, February 25, 2007

45-43 Peacocks; 6:59 in the 2nd

  • A beautiful play from Gooding on a lay-up puts the Peacocks back up by a pair. The crowd is starting to get into it. 45-43 Peacocks.
  • Han adds a pair of shots from the charity stripe following a foul on the floor. The Stags even it up. 43-43 Tie.
  • Cooley's jacket goes flying, along with a "This is not basketball! Be a man!" line.
  • Brock gets run over by Mamadou, who put a shoulder down on a fastbreak attempt. Brock fell right in front of him.
  • Allen is fouled on the floor - and in the "one-and-one" makes both shots. After a long malaise in this game, the Stags are showing signs of life. 43-41 Peacocks.
  • Diakhate hits a jumper, but is matched on the other end of the floor from Brandon Brock. Diakhate gets another look moments later and nails it easily. 43-39 Peacocks.
  • Orta hits a pair of free throws following an O'Sullivan hold on the floor. 41-35 Peacocks.
  • Sowell blocks Mamadou hard - causing the Peacock faithful to erupt. And yes, I just said that.
  • Sowell gets a tip-in after a Spann miss. 39-35 Peacocks.
  • Allen knocks down a three on a kick-out pass to beat the zone. Great look. 37-35 Peacocks.
  • Diakhate gets called on a foul on a Sowell post. Sowell heads to the line for the one-and-one, hits the first, and misses the second. 37-32 Peacocks.
  • Nero, after his "and one" lay-in, adds the lay-in. Nero's a great foul shooter. Mamadou checks in for him after he hits the shot. 36-32 Peacocks.
  • Random story of the day: After Tom, Ben, and I got lost in Union City, NJ, we decide to stop at a gas station to get directions. With Ben in the driver seat, it was up to yours truly to ask our gas station attendant (Eduardo, by the way) to ask for directions. His reponse: "I no understand your English", after an awkward ten second stare down with me. He then added, "You speak French?". Priceless.
- Keith Connors

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