Sunday, January 14, 2007

Post-game quotes from New Rochelle

From Iona:

Milan Prodanovic: I thought we were going to pull it together and get the win; we had some bad breakdowns on offense and defense.

Mike Harris: We were motivated. We felt that we had a chance to win the game. We just tried to fight hard.

Prodanovic: The way I have started to look at it is in the beginning of the year we struggled. Down the road when you ask us how we turned it around. Experience is going to lead to that turnaround. Its bound to happen.

Harris: Our confidence is getting better every game. As a team we understand each other’s game a little bit better. Once we do break the ice, we’ll be fine.

Harris on the last few minutes: Honestly I don’t feel the pressure. We take every game as if it's the same. We just go out and play hard and try to come away with it.

Coach Jeff Ruland (tie loose, hanging down. Top two buttons unbuttoned, hair a mess.)

Only get so many timeouts. I can't call one every 30 seconds. We come down and don’t get a shot four or five times in a row with a lead. No disrespect to Jonathan Han; its got to be career highs in points and assists; we couldn’t stop dribble penetration.

Maybe we’re watching things. I don’t think we did a good job guarding the perimeter. At all.

It’s the little things. They add up. Milan quit on the one play and VS had a wide open 3. Its just hard man, guys who don’t normally play a lot are playing a lot if minutes They're trying. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. You’re trying to tell these guys with the way things are right now. You cant take possessions off.

From Fairfield:

Coach Ed Cooley: We were a little down after what I thought was our toughest loss of the year against Rider less than 48 hours ago where we controlled the entire game but just didn’t get lucky at the and today we got down nine having turned the ball over early in the second half and I give our kids a lot of credit for fighting back against a team who we thought had the law of averages with them to get a win. When they shoot 60 percent for the game and lose, we have to give our kids a lot of credit.

EC: (After being asked if this was the best game so far by the guards): (Laughing) I got to laugh at that one. You can answer that one. I think this is a guard dominated league and when you have good guard play; when they make decisions, they make your job on the sidelines a lot easier. Obviously, yes, they played very well.

Jonathan Han: I think we definitely had that in mind – all the coaches all the players. They wanted this one badly. We just stuck together. We played through adversity and came out with the victory.

MVS: Basketball is a game of momentum. We just had to develop some as we head down the road. We just have to keep that momentum…..we got the lead and we end up losing games, now we come from behind and win it. We have to find out how to win (both ways.)

EC on preparing to play against winless Iona: I approach every game the same way. I think you have to be consistent….you don’t want to put too much emphasis on it. I'm not gonna look at their record and tell our guys they have to play a certain way.

…On why Nero didn’t play in the second half: It wasn’t a matchup thing I just thought we had better matchups on the floor going a little bit smaller. He gave us some great minutes while he was out there. I gotta get on Herbie Allen. You cant play 35 minutes without a rebound That’s like being the only guy at the club who doesn’t come home with a number.

…On Marty: Marty has to play intelligent. He has to be a floor general. He gave us some tough rebounding; an interior presence. I'm leaning on him to give us that leadership.

..On Herbie: We need Herbie. I'm on him in practice. When you have that type of quickness you have to get shots…You have to drive to be aggressive. He and I had a nice talk.

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