Tuesday, January 23, 2007

37-36 Gaels, 16:50 in the 2nd Half

  • Apparently the halftime talk was about getting Michel Van Schaick back into the game. Shake started the half right with a three-pointer, but that was only the start. He was a big part of a wide open look for three that Rich Flemming missed, and helped grab the offensive rebound on that same miss.
  • Shake followed his efforts when he nailed a three-point shot. The bench knew it was in before he even shot it. Tom just mentioned it - and I completely agree: Van Schaick has become such a better player over the course of the season. His consistency is amazing. He's finally become the leader this team needs.
  • Nero had two looks early in the half - was he even dressed in the first half? (He finished the 1st with two points and only one board).
- Keith

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