Sunday, December 17, 2006

Women's Basketball Practice Update

The Stags took the court early Sunday morning to get their reps in.

The practice lasted an hour and fourty minutes with a variety of drills involving several different senarios, including practicing post feeds to take advantage of the team's strength down low, free throws, and rebounding.

The practice was marred however, when freshman center Kendra Hussey went up to stop the fast break on sophomore Baendu Lowenthal. Hussey appeared to block the shot cleanly, but Lowenthal fell onto Hussey, who then appeared to hit her head on the floor. Head Coach Dianne Nolan said afterwards that she should be fine and it was just a slight bump on the head. However, to be cautious, Hussey sat out the rest of practice.

On a related note: Sophomore guard Megan Caskin was held out of the previous practice due to a slight tweak of her knee. The measure was largely precautionary and Caskin returned to play today.

Ending on a light note, the team played a game of knock out in which graduate assistant Clare Faurote was crowned the champion after some timely free throw shooting.

The women take a break tomorrow and return to practice on Tuesday.

-Chris Simmons

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