Friday, December 15, 2006

Women's Basketball Practice Update

The women are continuing to practice hard even with their next game almost two weeks away.

Due to exams, I could only stay for around a half-hour, but in that time I was impressed with how hard they were working. When I arrived, they were playing a full court game and afterwards moved on to shooting foul shots. The final drill I saw was a 3 on 3 drill practicing post ups and cuts.

The frontcourt played very well in this final drill. Sophomore Baendu Lowenthal was impressive as were freshmen Tara Flaherty and Stephanie Geehan. Junior guard Sabra Wrice also looked good in practice.

Sophomore guard Megan Caskin did not practice. Unfortunately, I did not have time to talk to Coach Nolan afterwards. Hopefully, we can find out later from why she was held out.

-Chris Simmons

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