Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Women's Basketball Practice Update

Coming off of a 2-0 MAAC run over the weekend, the women have a long break and do not play again until Dec. 28th.

With that in mind, Coach Nolan has the team focused on staying in shape, doing conditioning drills and staying sharp. Nolan recognizes that with finals and the Christmas break approaching, she can't do too much teaching for fear of overloading the players. She is trying to keep practices entertaining; she decided to end today's practice with a half-court shot drill (the players made 3 in five minutes, and maintience may have to replace the backboard).

However, she is still trying to instill the defensive fundamentals that have made the team so sucessful. Not only does the Stag's defense stop the opposing team, but it also leads to their fast break offense.

Nolan also acknowledged that since the Stag's have so much talent, each practice provides an opportunity to grow by simply going against each other. The players challenge each other and improve during practice without the game experience.

These players are talented enough where Nolan should be able to keep them sharp during their long layoff.

-Chris Simmons

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