Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Don't fear, Mirror sports will continue to post and cover Fairfield athletics through the winter break!
Here's our gift to the readership:
Post your questions about anything Fairfield sports related and we'll get your questions answered! Just add a comment at the bottom and we'll post the Q&A as soon as we get your answers! Thanks to everyone who continues to support Mirror Sports and we wish everyone a happy Holidays.


Stagophile said...

The Stags struggled picking up the new "flex" offense throughout the first twelve games, but then seemed to click during the Canisius game. Do you think the guys are fully grasping the flex offense? Do you think it will put the Stags in the best position to succeed in the second half of the season? Or do you see a need to tweak the offense in some way?

The Ak Attack said...

Will get to it asap Stagophile!