Sunday, March 15, 2009

Does this look like the face of a man that could restart Fairfield's season?

That would be Jeff Hironaka, the head coach at Seattle Pacific University - good lookin' guy - one of four members of the Collegiate Basketball Invitational (CBI) tournament selection committee that is, as we speaking, tossing around potential candidates for the backup backup tourney's second season. 

Whether or not Fairfield is one of those names... well, you're guess is as good as mine. But here's a few random reasons the Stags have a prayer:

  • Fairfield finished the season with an RPI of 97. With the inclusion of the CBI, 113 D-I basketball teams will qualify for postseason tournaments. Add in the brand spankin' new tournament, which is in its inaugural season, and that total is up to 123 teams. You do the math. 
  • The Stags beat two teams (American and UT-Chatanooga) that won their respective conference and landed a spot in the NCAA tournament. 
  • Siena (26-7), who won a postseason game in the NCAA's last year and pulled off a nine-seed in this year's Big Dance, finished the season of an RPI of 19. Niagara (26-8), an NIT team, also had a very respectable RPI . Translation: The MAAC is good. Very good.
  • Crazy conspiracy theory: David McLaughlin, head coach at Stonehill, is one of four on the CBI Selection Committee. Where did Ed Cooley go to college again?
Any thoughts? Also, be sure to chime in on the Scout message boards, where they've already been talking about this possibility for days.

UPDATE [10:57] - Two years, two straight postseason births for head coach Tommy Dempsey and Rider, which was just named as one of ten participants in the inaugural Tournament (CTI). The Broncs will play Liberty in the first-round. The MAAC is now three-for-three in postseason bids. Fairfield, your rebuttal?

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