Saturday, March 7, 2009

Classy Cooley and Kelsey's

Just got back from the Times-Union Center (we'll watch the rest of tonight's games from the comfort of our room) in rainy Albany. We also happened to run into the Fairfield men's basketball team, who rented out Kelsey's Pub in the lobby of the Crowne-Plaza to have a meal together and watch the Siena game.

Anyway, as we prep our post-game coverage and our preview of the semifinals game against Siena, thought I'd share a little story: after the game, Tom Cleary, Chris Simmons, and I were chatting with WVOF's Brendan Monahan and a few other Fairfield students that made the trip up to work the tournament. Cooley, who had wrapped up his post-game press conference five minutes before, stopped by and thanked us. Thank us? Really? Humbling to hear the coach say a few nice words about our coverage.

Then he paused for a second.

"I'll see you boys tomorrow," Cooley said with a smile.


Stagophile said...


Coach Cooley thanking you is much deserved. You are doing a tremendous service for Stags athletics and fans. Quite frankly, Gene Doris and Jack Jones owe you much more than a thanks. I just hope they realize what you bring to Stags athletics and take the time to fully recognize and support your contributions. Keep up the great work.


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