Saturday, February 14, 2009

That's E-S-P-N

Our quirky, die-hard friends over at the message boards are trying to come up with the ideal Fairfield-related 'ESPN' acronym for tonight's game on the Deuce. Creative... so Tom and I figured - eh, let's give it a shot and get in on the fun:

1. Everybody knows the Stags will Pound Niagara
2. Eatin' Some Poultry (i.e. purple eagles) Tonight
3. Evanovich Shaves Pretty Neckbeard
4. Edney Screams, Patella Nagging
5. Ed Shushes Patsos Nonsense
6. Ed Shows-off Polished Necktie
7. Every Stag Please 'No-get-hurt'
8. Even assistant coach Bob Simon Protects Nero injury
9. Ed Cooley Studies and Prepares for Northwestern Med School ["I should be an MD" - Cooley on team's injuries]

Chime in with some thoughts and keep it up, boys.

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Anonymous said...

Well the poster that we brought to the game was: