Saturday, February 28, 2009

Game 2: Men's Lacrosse @ Ohio State

  • Your final from Columbus: Ohio State 11, Fairfield 6. More to come.
  • OSU is moving awfully slow on offense. Seems like this one is all but said and done.
  • Not looking good for the boys in our red. Ohio State leads, 11-5, with a little under three minutes to play in the game. OSU has certainly slowed the pace down on offense, playing a conservative, "four corners-esque" defense. That gameplan, coupled with Fairfield's young offense, is the product of your score.
  • Stags get another flag thrown on the Buckeyes on the face-off. That's four penalties near midfield on the face. Another EMO chance, and an opportunity to get some momentum as the quarter starts.
  • End of the Third: 9-5, OSU.
  • Five minutes later, still no video. I bet they do this to Michigan fans all the time.
  • Again, the video feed goes down. About more that mid-way through the third, and still 9-5, OSU.
  • Fairfield back on EMO on an illegal procedure on the face-off, again. Nothing doing. Fairfield retains possession, however, as a pass was deflected away from Ajemian. We're back to six-on-six, however.
  • OSU's Jeff Green dodges, never gets picked up, and scores on a pretty bounce shot passed Cipriano. 9-5, Buckeyes.
  • Stags, again, answer. An illegal procedure on the faceoff led to extra-man offense, and Fairfield scores (their second in there chances on EMO). Can't tell you who scored - the Ohio State play-by-play guys has no clue who Fairfield is or who they're players are - but it looked like an attackman. Ohio State's Radio is no VOF.
  • Jeff Ryan with a goal on a slide from Fairfield. Delgarno, an attackman, drew the slide after he was matched up with a short-stick defender. 8-4 Ohio State early in the third.
  • Halftime at the Horseshoe: Ohio State leads, 7-4. As the teams head to the locker room, the marching band blares the unmistakable Ohio State fight song. Speaking of which, is there any band better in the good ol' U.S.? The best I've seen in person was Texas A&M back in the old Kickoff Classic at Giant Stadim as a kid. But 'Script Ohio' is as college football as Bear Bryant and the Heisman Trophy. As the saying goes, "They're the best damn band in the land". And even us northern Yankees (as my advertising professor from Indiana calls Fairfield students) can appreciate it. Classic.
  • Fairfield answers, and the score moves to 7-4 with :07 to play in the second quarter. Missed who scored it, but I'll get that to you as soon as I can.
  • Midway through the 2nd: Ohio State leads, 6-3.
  • Awful, awful video feed from 'Bukeye Vision' on - you'd think that a big-time program like that would have their story straight. Good to see, though, that online feed problems are not just immune to mid-majors.
  • Weather in Bergen County, NJ: 40 degrees and partly sunny. In Columbus? They're indoors. A prominent 'OHIO STATE' end zone marks the midway point of the end line on the field of the Woody Hayes Athletic Center, the indoor complex that James Tressel and Co. call home. I always hated playing on a field specifically designed for football, can be awfully confusing with lines (especially sidelines, which are classic thick white in the Hayes Center)

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