Friday, February 13, 2009

Back from Marist/Nero possibly out for year

Just got back from the Stags tough loss to Marist in Poughkeepsie, where unfortunately there was no wireless internet, so we could not use CoverItLive. But Keith Connors did keep a running diary, a la Bill Simmons, and will post it tomorrow.

A lot more tomorrow, but for now just a few notes from the game/post game:

First of all the Stags committed zero turnovers, a big step up from the last time the Fairfield played. Although in the press conference head coach Ed Cooley questioned the zero turnovers stat, saying that "Ray Charles or Stevie Wonder" may have been keeping score.

Also, the Stags could not seem to stop the Red Foxes from shooting from long range, and made multiple mistakes on the other end, which cost them the game. Herbie Allen and Mike Evanovich continue to step up, scoring 21 and 18 respectively, in the 75-66 loss, but those two cannot continue to carry this team.

And the biggest news from Poughkeepsie is that junior forward Greg Nero, who left the game after the half and did not return, may be the latest Stags player to be out for the remainder of the season. While Cooley said he wasn't sure whether he would be shut down or not, he thinks it is possible he will not play again this season, whether that includes the post season or just the regular season was unclear.

Cooley was upbeat, as upbeat as possible, but was more in disbelief of the way things have gone lately for Fairfield, with the injuries and illness. But he stressed that he will make sure that his squad is a difficult team to play in Albany.

Again, Nero may be out for the year, which would be another huge loss for Fairfield.

-Tom Cleary

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