Friday, December 5, 2008

Halftime at the Harbor: 39-25 FU

  • Edney's half court heave? Just a bit outside...
  • Han adds insult to injury by draining a trey from the far corner after what appeared to be a nice defensive showing from St. Peter's on the other end of the floor.
  • Speak of the devil, Nero uses his size in the paint and grabs another offensive rebound. He misses the put-back, but draws a whistle and heads to the line to shoot a pair.
  • A.J. draws a foul underneath. Nice job so far by the Stags of using their size and ensuring high-percentage shots: Peanut is already well on his way to another 20-point game.
  • SPC Timeout --> 36-20 Fairfield
  • John Dunne has seen enough after three straight alley-oops. The third was a five-on-one oop from Han to Peanut that he slammed down with authority. I'm no Dean Smith, but I'm pretty sure that it should never, ever be five-on-one in transition in a basketball game.
  • Stat of the Day: John Dunne's cumulative record in two-plus years as head coach: 12-53
  • SPC has narrowed the gap to ten. I have to say, I'm impressed they didn't roll over. 28-16 as we speak with a little under four to play in the first.
  • "Your Fairfield University dance team" does a nice little rendition of 'Womanizer' by Brittney Spears. Why do I mention it? Not that it wasn't good (it was), but that Tom and I will be hearing that song all year long at Harbor Yard. Trust me on this one - they'll never change the song.
  • Media timeout --> 24-12 Fairfield, 6:08 in the first
  • And they've hit double-digits. Only took 13+ minutes.
  • Turner and Herbie Allen in the backcourt. We've heard from multiple people they are trying to run thre offendsde more thruogh Herbie in order to keep Jon Han fresh and more involved in the offense (a.k.a. putting him at two-guard when he's in the lineup). From the looks of it, Cooley finally has that luxury due to far greater depth than he's ever had since he's been on North Benson Road.
  • On the other side of the floor, Costner tries to draw a charge from Greg Nero, but the Foot Lockers call a block on him. Looks like it probably could have gone either way, but when it rains, it pours.
  • Jordan Costner hits a three from the corner on a pretty kick-out pass. Progress. Progress.
  • Khalil Mumford misses a J.J. Redick-distance three. Desperate times in Dunne's dungeon over on the other side of the court. Which makes me wonder, "When does the rebuilding end for St. Pete's?"
  • St. Peter's airball count - five. Good thing I took the over.
  • Reedal takes down O'Sullivan in the "Little kids dress up like Stags" competition. A Kodak moment to say the least. Meanwhile, Frank Romano - yes, the Frank Romano - is following up his 'Let's Be Frank: Basketball Manager' with a Stag mascot version. But don't tell him I told you - it's very hush, hush at this point.
  • Media timeout --> 16-2 Fairfield, 11:50 in the first half
  • Tom Cleary: "Let's see what happens now (that SPC has scored). The old Fairfield teams under Cooley would've let them back in."
  • ALLELUIA! The Peacocks score! The Peacocks score! Do you believe in miracles? YES!
  • SPC Timeout --> 16-0 Fairfield, 13:01
  • Yorel Hawkins makes moves under the basket off a nice feed in the post from Ryan Olander, who was given the most awkward alley-oop pass I've ever seen. Unless he was Dr. J, that was not happening.
  • Sean Crawford is called for a reach as Fairfield employs the famous Cooley half-court trap. The crowd gives a, "Oh!" in disdain. Really, Red Sea? Don't get greedy.
  • Big Mike Evanovich drains a three from the top of the arc. 14-0 Fairfield.
  • Six minutes without a basket + four shotclock violations + a three-game win streak = Ed Cooley in his glory.
  • Wesley Jenkins steps out of bounds and gives the ball right back to Fairfield right after the break. On the other end, Nero hits a floater. Nice touch, sir. 11-0 Stags.
  • After another near SPC turnover, I've made up my mind. I'm calling it now - we are on the verge of history. The Peacocks will not score a basket this half. You watch. Call your friends and save your ticket stubs, folks.
  • Media timeout --> 9-0 Fairfield; 15:54 to play
  • A.J. hits a little turnaround jumper, a shot he's really perfected early on this season. On the other end, he whacks a Akeem Gooding offering right next to Tom and I. Good play on offense, better play on defense.
  • Just as I type that, Wesley Jenkins air balls a wide-open three-pointer. This could be a long night for the
  • Cooley is imploring his defense to hussle and "Get up!". The hard work shows, as a young Peacocks team runs out of time on the shot clock. John Dunne is starting three sophomores and a junior who did not start last year. Rebuilding year much?
  • Dapper Cooley watch: a black pin-striped suit, white shirt, and a Fairfield red and white striped tie. I'm a fan. The tie's got that candy cane look to it, so bonus points for the holiday season theme.
  • Another transition basket, and John Dunne calls a timeout. He's livid - can you blame him?
  • Han corrals a board and then drains a three on the other end. Ed Cooley was chanting "get going" - which makes you wonder how athletic this version's Stags are compared to previous years. The days of a slow, half-court game for Fairfield may be over.
  • Warren Edney get a lay-up in transition 1:10 into the game. 2-0 Stags.
  • Back-to-back turnovers mark the start of the game here. SPC comes out with a half-court trap, b ut Fairfield takes its time and moves up court.
  • A.J. controls the tip and we're underway.
  • Pre-game meal notes: a little hot roast beef action with home fries - a definite All-American choice. Not too shabby.

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