Thursday, November 20, 2008

Meanwhile in Baltimore ...

Looking around at what else is happening in the world of college basketball as the Xavier/Missouri game gets underway on ESPNU, I came across an interesting article in today's Baltimore Sun.

Apparently Loyola Md. head coach Jimmy Patsos is already up to his old antics, despite the fact he says he is trying to change. Against Cornell in the Preseason NIT Tournament, Patsos told referee John Gaffney to give his team a "fair shake," going on to say that he had heard that "you [Gaffney] and the Cornell coach are both from Philadelphia."

That resulted in a technical and Patsos moved to the end of the bench, quieting down. But after another quip at Gaffney, he was warned again and Patsos threw up his hands, went into the crowd and sat with Loyola Athletic Director Joe Boylan.

It is always interesting to keep up with what Patsos is doing and it will also be intriguing to see how he handles himself when he comes to Fairfield later this season.

Meanwhile the Stags are down in Puerto Rico trying to recoup after their difficult loss, but I see it as a moment that the Stags can build off of. They are learning how to play together and in tough games, so it can only help in the MAAC. As Cooley said after the Sacred Heart game, they may not be in Puerto Rico to win, although they want to, but instead to learn.

-Tom Cleary

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