Friday, November 21, 2008

Game 4: Fairfield vs. Missouri

Second-Half Updates:
12:13 - Mizzou hits a basket following a Fairfield turnover and Cooley calls a T.O. He's a little displeased. Cooley has said it time and time again: "I don't even notice baskets; I notice defense and I value stops". Quite frankly, the Stags can't get a stop. Nothing has gone right since Han fed Edney in the post for an easy basket five seconds into this half.

12:16 - Edney draws contact on a nice drive to the basket and still hits the lay-up. When he gets the ball, things happen. [Herbie draws his fourth foul as we speak. A definite danger zone given our relative lack of depth at guard.]

12:17 - Taylor hits two from the charity stripe. 49-36 with 15:47 to play. Media timeout, ladies and gentleman.

12:20 - Evanovich checks in for Herbie Allen - Cooley goes big with the lineup, a rarity in the MAAC. Let's see what becomes of it.

12:24 - Tigers up 17 with under 14 to go. It's getting late early for Fairfield. Just as I say that, though, Nero hits a lay-up (they've gone inside often thus far in the half) and Cooley decides to go back to Herbie to build off the spark.

12:25 - Nero hits a pair to pull it to within 15.

12:28 - Carol and Mizzou answer once again - hence the Cooley loves stops argument. Nero answers on the other end - that's six straight points for him. 58-42 with 12:05 to play in regulation. Ugh, another basket and I can't even get this update it. Carol feeds down low and Missouri adds to the lead. Han hits a three - his first field goal of the game - and this update is getting ridiculous.

12:30 - Missouri 60-45 with a shade under 12 minutes to play. Media timeout, baby.

12:31 - DeMarre Carroll - steal, open court lay-in, and the foul (bad move by Nero). Ouch. That may be the nail in the coffin of the Stags' comeback. 65-45 with a little over 10 to play.

12:33 - Carroll adds another to push it to 22.

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