Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Mirror Sports Blog 2.0

Finally! After a long-awaited delay (two posts in September after two in one day in the middle of August?! Ouch), we are finally back up and running. We've worked the kinks out of our new site, and a whole new slew of blogs are set to debut this week.

None bigger, obviously, than the original: the 'Mirror Sports Blog'.

So check here for the link (or go straight to The Mirror's official site) and check it out for yourself. Tomorrow night, we kick off our inaugural debut with a live game log (glog for the rookies out there) of the men's soccer game against Boston College at Lessing Field.

So, for all you soccer hooligans out there who have been saddened by our lack of fall blogging, don't worry. We're back just in time - and we'll be in the full swing of things in time for the heart of the MAAC schedule and the start of this other sports debuting in a month. Apparently it's a big deal on campus...

Stay tuned.

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