Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Copelan another Doris' home run

Fairfield's hiring of Andrew Copelan intrigued me. A lot.

Mike Pressler may have been swayed from Bryant for the right offer; it's doubtful he even got a call. It's possible Scott Marr of Albany was thinking of taking up a new challenge. It never came to that point.
A.D. Gene Doris and Co. could have opted for an older, more veteran option to lead a program that has established itself as a national presence. Instead, Fairfield opted for a young, energetic coach to become the fresh face of a program that desperately needs a renewed desire in order to take the next step in the ECAC.

And, even though I've never spoken with Copelan (that comes tomorrow), I love the move. It feeds off of the success that Doris has had in recent years selecting coaches from off the beaten path (Joe Frager). He avoided retreads and washed-up rejects of bigger programs. Would Yale coach Andy Shay, who has only finished above .500 twice in his career, really have been an upgrade?

Copelan screams of the same enthusiasm and fire that Fairfield was seeking when it hired an assistant from a big name ACC basketball program to lead our Stags three years ago.

It's a bold, new direction, and now that direction has its leader.

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