Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sunday Morning Links

Ted Spencer called it a career on Friday, and said in a letter to family and friends he made his choice with "a heavy heart". He left an indelible mark on the men's lacrosse program in 13 seasons.

Head coaches from all across Division I may already be lining up to stake claim to the Stags' job opening, Lax Magazine has the story.

The magazine's reasoning: it's the top sport at Fairfield (maybe 1 and 1a with men's basketball), it is fully funded with a myriad of scholarship money, owns billing as the premier spring sport, and has prime location close to NYC/New England.

Basketball News:
Chris Elsberry sat down with Ed Cooley for an off-season Q&A (something 'The Mirror' has been trying to do for some time now). Plenty of updates on off-season workouts, Greg Nero, the Memphis Tigers, the problems of scheduling, a trip to Puerto Rico, and a new assistant coach.

Old pal Ben Doody is back to blogging, and did a great Q&A with MAAC commissioner Rich Ensor regarding the switch of locations of the 2009 MAAC tournament from Trenton, NJ back up to Albany. He has the answer and much, much more.

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