Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Marr Another Big Possibility

While much of the attention regarding a big-name coach coming to the Stags this summer has been given to Bryant coach Mike Pressler (and rightfully so, given his track record and high-profile), or even John Haus, he may not be the only premier college coach in line/interested in the Fairfield position.

I've been trading e-mails and calls with Joe Lombardi, a writer for the Journal News (Lower Hudson, N.Y.). Lombardi was once a longtime college lacrosse and basketball beat writer for CBS Sports and knows the Fairfield program fairly well.

A name he mentioned to keep in mind: Albany head coach Scott Marr. The Great Danes finished 8-8 in '08, but finished 11th overall in LaxPower rankings and had led the team to three consecutive America East Conference Tournament championships and NCAA berths.

Lombardi: "If I were a D-I college AD and had a head coaching vacancy one of the first names I would dial up would be Scott Marr at Albany. I have to believe that given Fairfield's location and newly aligned conference, he may have some interest if he were approached. But again, that's just speculation on my part. His résumé at Albany certainly couldn't be any more impressive."

Which leads me to my next question: Based on candidates and recent trends, What will Doris do?

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