Sunday, March 2, 2008

Post-game quotes: Cooley after Rider loss

On the team’s overall effort Sunday against Rider:

“Let’s face it we weren’t very good today. I think Rider played a very good game – they did their job and did their homework. When you shoot 4-for-25 you’re not going to win many games.”

On the team’s poor offensive approach:

“I thought we settled for way too many three (point shots). I thought we bailed them out by taking too many, what I call ‘Christ’ers’, when you hope to Christ they go in. Credit them, they played well. It will be great to play them in the semifinal game. Our goal is to try to face them again.”

On his reasoning behind the poor effort:

“Our lack of execution offensively was absolutely pathetic. And that’s something we really got better in as the season went on, and today we picked a really bad day to be poor offensively. They got their transition game going – they’re a transition team and a high volume team. The game was played to their tempo. They shoot the ball extremely well at home. They were 10-of-18 from three; that’s game.”

On how today’s effort will effect the state of the team:

“Offensively, we were shooting the ball much better lately. I’m not sure exactly what we’ve shot over the past ten games but it’s something in the 40% range. When you go for 4-for-25… I think I could put blinders on and shoot 4-for-25. Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles could be right next to me and they would do the same thing. We were awful today. We were outplayed; its that simple. The better team won today.”

On the upcoming MAAC tournament:

“Now the regular season is over. Everyone is looking at the same record, and everyone is here with the same goal. This is a one-bid league, and the (tournament) is really winner-take-all. We are going to position our kids to try to be that team. Tonight just wasn’t our night.”-

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-Keith Connors

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