Friday, March 7, 2008

Halftime Observations

Fairfield leads 29-20 at the half, but the game has been close throughout with Siena holding an early lead.

Siena has thrown several different looks at the Stags, first playing man defense then switching to a 2-3 zone. They have also pressure Caskin as she brings the ball upcourt. Fairfield is able to beat pressure by having Lowenthal bring the ball up since she has pretty good handles for a post player. However, she picked up her second foul late in the half and played 13 minutes.

Werts has provided a spark off the bench for the Stags scoring a game-high 11 points, including nine off three-pointers.

Wrice  has come back from her slow start to tie for second on the team with 7 points. That's no surprise, but the player she is tied with is. Caskin has 7 points as well, only three short of her career high. She has scored in double-digits only once in her career, which came earlier this year. She also has four assists.

That Stags have done a good job containing Menty, holding her to seven points. They also haven't allowed the other Saints to hurt them. Siena is shooting 25.9 percent for the game.

However, the Stags need to improve their rebounding. Siena outrebounded the Stags 23-15. The Stags grabbed only one offensive rebound while the Saints came down with 16 defensive rebounds.

The action is about to start again. More to come.

-Chris Simmons

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