Friday, March 7, 2008

2nd 10:50 FU 48, Siena 28

  • Baendu with a third jumper from the top of the key.
  • Cziria checks in for Baendu.
  • Groom hits a jumper off an inbounds pass from Caskin.
  • Geehan hits a jumper after Fairfield beats the pressure.
  • Groom with another, she now has four.
  • Siena continues to pressure the Stags; Caskin beats the pressure and finds Flaherty for an easy layup.
  • Caskin drives and shoots the ball over to Moore for a layup.
  • Siena traps Caskin, but Frager is able to call a timeout a second before she travels.
  • Werts with another three from the corner. She now has 14 points.
  • For the second time, first by Caskin, then by Wrice, Fairfield strips the ball after a Siena rebound.
  • Fairfield now leads by 20.
-Chris Simmons

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