Saturday, March 8, 2008

1st 3:39 Iona 29, FU 24

  • After an Iona three-pointer Wrice is slow to get up. Meka checks in for her. Not sure what happened, but someone said it was an elbow to the face.
  • Off the inbounds pass, Groom hits a jumper.
  • McLean again in the post for two.
  • Cziria is about to check in.
  • Another Stag turnover.
  • Baendu misses the fastbreak shot, gets her own rebound, puts it back up for two.
  • Wrice and Cziria check in for Geehan and Caskin. Maybe Cziria will have some success against McLean.
  • Groom for three to cut Iona's lead to three.
  • Baendu called for the block, Moore checks in for her. The foul is Lowenthal's first.
-Chris Simmons

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