Saturday, March 8, 2008

1st 11:08 FU 17, Iona 13

  • Wrice for three.
  • Iona with a bunch of offensive rebounds. They keep putting it up and eventually it falls.
  • Meka checks in for Groom. Cziria is in for Geehan.
  • Meka immediately hits a three.
  • Iona is now pressuring Fairfield. They trap Caskin and tie her up for a jump ball. Iona possession.
  • Wrice on the break with a jumper.
  • Caskin picks up her second foul. She goes to the bench. The guards are now Sabra and Meka.
  • Iona's senior PG Lauren DeFalco hits a jumper and gets fouled for the old-fashioned three-point play. She cuts Fairfield's lead to four.
  • Frager is on the sidelines telling Fairfield to calm down after another bad offensive possession. Moore checks in for Cziria.
  • With Caskin out, Wrice is now bringing the ball upcourt.
-Chris Simmons

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