Sunday, March 4, 2007

Final from the Harbor: Loyola 75, Fairfield 72

  • From us here at the Game Log, we'll see you in '07!
  • Tonight's Final: Loyola 75, Fairfield 72.
  • Brown grabs the board and sends it down to the other end of the floor in happiness.
  • Van Schaick misses a desperation three.
  • Brown misses the first shot, but hits the second to put the game away.
  • Mamadou fouls Brown immediately off of the in-bound.
  • Loyola doesn't like the look on the floor and calls a timeout.
  • 75-72 Loyola with :08.8 to go and in-bound on the way.
  • Herbie Allen hits a three in the corner off of a nicely designed play, but it's likely too little, too late.
  • Alujevic, clutch from the line in the second half, hits both shots. Loyola leads, 75-69.
  • After a long pass play from the opposite baseline, Anthony Johnson bobbles a pass and then misses the shot. Alujevic grabs the board and goes to the line.
- Keith Connors

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