Sunday, February 25, 2007

Final from Jersey: Stags 63, St. Peter's 60

  • It wasn't easy, it wasn't pretty - but it's a W. Stags win, 63-60.
  • Spann's desperation three falls well short - sealing the victory for Fairfield.
  • Han is fouled immediately following the pass. He goes to the line, converts the first, but whiffs on the second. 63-60 Stags
  • Fairfield ball with a mere :04.8 to play.
  • A few cuts before the in bound pass gives Hakeem Gooding an open look, which he easily lays in. 62-60 Stags.
  • Spann tries to take it all the way quickly and misses the lay-up. The jump ball on a near Anthony Johnson rebound results in a Peacocks possession call with :06.1 to go.
  • Peter's in-bounds the ball with :13.3 to play.
  • Van Schaick hits 'em both. This guy is a special player, especially after shooting 2-for-10 in the first half. 62-58 FU.
  • St. Peter's pushes the ball up court quick, getting in a two-on-one situation with Han as a trailer. Van Schaick manages to intercept the pass and avoid the threat. He holds the ball for a few seconds and is eventually fouled. Great play from a special player.
  • Peacocks don't foul, allowing Herbie to take it down to the end of the shot clock. Jon Han's three misses and the Peacocks pull down the rebound.
  • Nero gets called on a soft foul on a Sowell attempt. The big center hits both shots from the line, tightening it to a two-point contest. 60-58 Stags.
  • Not to be outdone, Michael Van Schaick hit another huge three. He is just taking over the game. 60-56 FU.
  • After Nero's attempt to save a ball out of bounds gave St. Peter's a second opportunity, Raul Orta hit another three.
- Keith Connors

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